The Thrill Seeker

Know The Different
Types Of Married Women

The Thrill-Seeker

These types of married women are not as proactive hunter like the prowler. Married women who are thrill-seeker have similar desires for misbehavior like the prowler. Most married who are trill-seekers can be either a housewife who is bored with their day routine or corporate-type under lots of stress. These married women are sick of their marriage routine and just needs to let her hair done and have some fun.

Trill-seeker’s wives would rather not take a vacation to release the stress, but would consider a new hobby like finding a toy boy for some fun. This type of trill-seeking can not only release their stress, but also fulfill their fantasies.

The main problem with thrill-seeker married women is that they do not present on overt signs of arousal or interest. As the consequences for the male, it is much more than dire. This is because they are unlike the prowler, the initiating is on her, and here the initiating is on you, “the man”. Her game is seducing you with intimation with odd physical advances, such as a stroke on the arm or an accidental stroke of your thigh. Her prime goal is to have you make the first move. She would “lure” you into an affair. Remember, thought, she is the player and you are just her toy. That is why these women are just trill-seekers.

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